Sirok, 09.2022.

Monolit 2001 Kft., Geophysical measurements for the planning of RUAG plant buildings, research of tuff substrate.

Tét, 08.2022.

Irrigation water research using VES measurements.

Tokaj, 07.2022.

Geofront Geotechnika Kft., in support of geotechnical investigations, we carried out geophysical investigations with the help of VES and multi-electrode profiling in order to learn about the structure of the volcanic rock forming the foundations.

Vágáshuta, 2022.03.

Water exploration in the Csersznyés area using vertical electric sounding.

Egyházaskesző, 2022.02.

TRIBERG GENERAL Kft., geophysical investigation of a basalt-tuff deposit using VES and multi-electrode electrical surveying.

Berente Lake, 2021.12.

Geofront Geotechnika Kft., geophysical investigation of the Berente Fishing lake’s dam, electrical resistance and radar measurements on the dam and the protected side.

Lillafüred, 09.2021.

Geofront Geotechnika Kft., for the design of the Lillafüred bicycle path, geological structural research, geotechnical-related tests; electrical sounding and multi-electrode profiling.

Hejőpapi gravel mine, 2021.06.

SZÁV-I. Kft., surface geophysical measurements.

Forest school in Fónagyság, 06.2021.

Geokomplex Kft., surface geophysical research was carried out for the sake of water supply.

Marcal, 05.2021.

NATURAQUA Kft., carrying out geophysical measurements related to the exploration of pollution using VES and multi-electrode methods.

Sajóbábony, 2021.03.

GEON System Kft., geophysical examination of the reclaimed mud dump, determination of the thickness of the mud, along with finding the bed.

Almásfüzitő, 2021.02.

Geophysical investigation of the dams of red mud storage cassettes using multi-electrode resistance profiles and ground-penetrating radar measurements.

Füzér, Oláh and Csatarét, 2020.11.

Geokomplex Kft., the measurements were made in order to install the wells in a favorable location.

Sajókaza landfill, 08.2019.

Zöld Völgy Waste Management Center

Kóspallag, Szent Orbán Erdei Wellness Hotel, 07.2019.

For the purpose of water research, we carried out a geophysical survey for the Hotel, in order to install a well.

Miskolc, geophysical investigation of the Mexico Valley limestone mine, 07.2019.

Kő-Kavicsbanyászati Kft.

Geophysical and geotechnical investigation of Boldogkováralja planned reception facility and its forecourt, 06.2019.

Its main purpose is to determine the thickness and properties of the loose tuff and rock debris deposited on the Miocene bedrock or carried there.

Apostag, April 2022.

The HFPJC (Heritage Foundation for Preservation of Jewish Cemeteries) foundation contacted our company for the purpose of carrying out measurements in front of the Apostag Jewish cemetery. The field work was carried out by geophysical engineers László Szabó Bucsi and Sándor Puszta and the technician was Gábor Nagy. The plot is approx. 65 m x 25 m area, covered with grass and several trees. We used a GSSI instrument for the measurements, with a SIR-3000 control unit. We collected and processed the data with the Radan6.6 program and with the help of FRACTAL Bt. An anomaly caused by a concrete tomb location of measurements radar profile supposed graves.

Geophysical investigations for the renovation of the Church of Bélapátfalva Cistercian Abbey, May 2020.

HADAS Architect Engineering and Art Ltd., Search for the burial place of Bishop Kilit the 2nd and the remains of an old wall between the columns using ground radar measurements. We obtained a 3D result, the section of which is shown in Figure 2. The high dielectric contrast indicates the discovery of an airy area, which can be followed from a depth of 0.5 m to a depth of 1.6 m. There is reason to assume that the vault is located here.

Legyesbénye, February 2019.

CS-KER Tranzit Kft., Vilmány I.- geophysical research of the gravel mine.

Kisfüzes, water research with vertical electric sounding, February 2019

Geophysical examination of Hatvan dams with vertical electrical sounding and ground-penetrating radar measurements, December 2018

Investigation of the Jewish cemetery in Legyesbénye with 270 and 900 MHz ground radars, November 2018

Noszvaj, examination of cave dwellings, cavity research using multi-electrode resistance measurement and ground radar, October 2018

Miskolc, Tavi and Szentgyörgy spring 2018. September

Miskolc, Kemény Dénes swimming pool 2018. September

Legyesbénye 2018. August

Tiszaújváros, TIPO 2018. August

Berekalja, geotechnical investigation 2018. July

Bánk 2018. July

Csécse, HFPJC, jewish cemetary investigation 2018. June

Orfű 2018. June

Debrecen, geotechnical investigation 2018. May

Szentendre, protection of water resources 2018. April

Sárospatak, Rákóczi castle 2018. April

Eger, Bolyki winery, underlaid investigation 2018. March

Tapolca, Szemerey house 2018. February

Miskolc, Zsigmondy Road, cavity research, January 2018

Sátoraljaújhely, geophysical examination of a landfill, December 2017

Fony, Babotsay House's cellar examination, November 2017

Füzesabony, Green City Project, geotechnical research, November-December 2017

ISD Power Dunaferr, geophysical researches, 2017. December

Füzesabony, preparation of soil mechanics report for Füzesabony-Szihalom bicycle road, October-November 2017

Miskolc, Lavotta Street, geotechnical examination, October 2017

Pereces, VESZ measurements, August 2017

Monok, Rákóczi Road, cavity research with GPR and geoelectric measurements, June 2017

Karancsberény, andesite research with VES and magnetic measurements, June 2017

KM ÉPÍTő Ltd.,

Hidvégardó, geological structure, limestone research, May 2017

PK-Terv Ltd.

University of Miskolc, preparation of the soil mechanics report required for the planned EMC laboratory, with the help of geoelectric measurements and soil mechanical drilling, May 2017

Bodrogkeresztúr, cavern research around the Roman Catholic church with GPR and geoelectric measurements, May 2017

Budapest, Turista Street, cavity research with GPR, April 2017

Monok, geotechnical research, cavity research xith GPR and geoelectric methods, April 2017

Ónod, in a Calvinist cemetery searching for WW II. graves with GPR and geoelectric methods , March 2017

Tállya, Research on the andezite mine, geophysical measurements, November-December 2016

COLAS – Észak Kő Ltd.

Tállya, Radar and ground resistivity measurements, during the renovation of Maillot Castle , November 2015

Háromkör Delta Ltd., Miskolc

SZEBÉNY, VES measurements and evaluations carried out during the revision of the water base of the village, November 2016

Süttő perifery, Watersearching with geophysical measurements, July 2015

Bargel Brothers

Noszvaj -Síkfokút , Alsó-lake floor drains GPR and multi-electrodes resistance measurements, April 2016

Háromkör Delta Ltd., Miskolc

Répáshuta, planned observatory, geophysical survey of basement, October 2016

Timpanon Architectural Office

Piliscsaba, geophysical measurements of water exploration, March 2016

Monok Mayor's Office, GPR and multielectrode resistance measurements, cavity research, May 2015

Miskolc, road exploration, cavity research and geological exploration with GPR and multielectrode resistance measurements, November 2016

Surface geophysical research preparing for the renovation of the Mátraderecske thermal water well, April 2016

Mátraderecske Local Government

Bélapátfalva perifery, VES measurements to reconcile the layer structure wells, determine base rock. 2014.11.

Miskolc, farm: wall cracking and building wetting; GPR and multi-electrode resistance measurements, 2015.

Dömös, geophysical measurements for water exploration, 2015

Mályinka village water exploration before drilling, 2015

Monok Szabadság Street 40. geotechnical investigation, GPR and multielectrode resistance measurements in and around the house, 2015.

Legyesbénye, measurement of the resistance and pH of perlite samples with penetration test and laboratory, 2014

Jászfényszaru, geomagnetic survey of the area , 2015.

Hollókő, Kossuth Road, stability test, geophysical research, 2015.

GEOFRONT Geotechnic Ltd.

Miskolc-Tapolca, Hejő valley, geoelectric measurements for geological research and thermal well design, 2016

Hejce village, geophysical measurements for water exploration, 2015

Forró village, water research, 2016

Erdőhorváti Fémalk Zrt . geoelectric measurements for foundation of the planned workshop, 2016.

Weinberg '93 Builder Ltd.

Eger, Kőlyuk Road, test of the filling with geophysical measurements, 2016.

Eger, Felnémet, measurements near to St. Rozália church, GPR and electric resistance, for cavern research, 2016.

Edelény, L'Huiller-Coburg Castle, geophysical studies for industrial water research, 2015.

Dunapataj, examination of liquid landfills environment with geophysical measurements, 2015.

Abdiás-Öko Ltd.

Dédestapolcsány, castle garden, geological structure and basin research, 2015.

Berhida,geophysical examination of sludge storage tanks , 2014.

Nitrokémia Zrt .

Alsótelekes, environment geophysical research of the quarter basin , July 2014

Háromkör Delta Ltd.

Pásztó, geophysical survey, communal landfill research, June 2014

Geo-Envitech Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering Office Ltd.

Balatonakali, geophysical measurements for water exploration, May 2014

Hajnal Architect Office Ltd.

Miskolc-Tapolca, Hell Park geophysical measurements, May 2014

PEKA BAU 2000 Construction Ltd.

Nyíregyháza, Borbánya Landfill - geophysical measurements, April 2014

Abasár, Abasár's endangered basin-geophysical measurements- TÁMOP-4.2.2 .A-11 /1 / KONV-2012-0049. , January 2014

University of Miskolc, Hydrogeology and Engineering Department - KÚTFO project,

Egerbakta, diabase, basal occurrence - geophysical research, December 2013

COLAS - Északkő Bányászati Kft.

Abasár, Sárhegy geophysical measurements, December 2013

EHS Complex Ltd.

Bodrogkeresztúr, cave research with GPR and geoelectric method, October 2013

Miskolc, Patak Street, geophysical research for planned underground garage building, June 2013

Régio Park Miskolc Kft.

Ardovo -Slovakia, geophysical exploration, geological, ore and structure reasearching, June 2013 - February 2014

ROTAQUA Ltd. Kővágószőlős

Hejőpapi, pebble research, geophysical measurements, April 2013

SZÁV-I. Kft., Debrecen

Sirok, cavity research with GPR, March 2013

Eger, Nagy - Eged mountain geoelectric measurements for water exploration, March 2013

VIKUV RT ., Budapest

Pocsaj, geophysical survey of the landfill, February 2013


Avasi Research Program - Miskolc Avas Northern Area, Geophysical Measurements, December 2012

Geokomplex Kft., Miskolc

Varbóc, geophysical measurements for water exploration, September 2012

Gérce, raw material research with surface geophysical measurements, September 2012

Geo - Genesis Bt., Várpalota

Vásárosmiske, raw material research with surface geophysical measurements, September 2012

Geo - Genesis Bt., Várpalota

Szikszó, HELL Energy drink , geophysical measurements for water exploration, August 2012

Kútfej Kft., Budapest

Tura, diagnostic survey of injured water basis, geophysical measurements, August 2012

SMARAGD-GSH Environmental Services Ltd., Budapest

Cserépfalu, geoelectric measurements for water exploration, June 2012

Geokomplex Kft., Miskolc

Miskolc, Avas, geophysical measurements for wine museum May 2012

Parádóhuta , geophysical measurements for water exploration, May 2012

Geokomplex Kft., Miskolc

Sajókaza, hazardous landfill enlargement 2nd phase, May 2012

Háromkör Delta Ltd., Miskolc

Ózd, inert landfill, surface geophysical measurements, May 2012

Geokomplex Kft., Miskolc

Miskolc, Kis-Avas , cavity research with GPR, April 2012

Háromkör Delta Ltd., Miskolc

Nagyoroszi, geophysical measurements for water exploration, March 2012

Ipoly Forest Co. , Balassagyarmat

Golop, geophysical measurements for water exploration, June 2011

Kristály Ltd., Siófok

Geophysical measurement of Rudabánya, decomposing silos, November 2011

GOP-1.12.08 / 1-2008-0002 project

Sajókaza, expansion of hazardous landfill, geophysical measurements, November 2011

Háromkör Delta Environmental Management Ltd. - Miskolc

Izsófalva, IV. coal mining site, geophysical measurements, October 2011

Ormosszén Ltd. - Miskolc

Becske, geophysical measurements for water exploration, September 2011

Tállya, cavity research with GPR, September 2011

Szuhogy, hazardous landfill - geophysical measurements, August 2011

Háromkör Delta Environmental Management Ltd. - Miskolc

Hernádnémeti, geoelectric measurements for water exploration, June 2011

SZOTECH 94. Ltd.

Szerencs, cavity research, analysis of foundation with GPR, May 2011

Noszvaj, waterworks, Forró village’s water basis, potential drinking water basis diagnostic examination, January 2011

SMARAGD-GSH Environmental Services Ltd. - Budapest

Dabas, geophysical measurements, January 2011

Geokomplex Ltd. - Miskolc

Hosszúpályi, Hajdúbagos, Hajdúszovát villages, geophysical measurements on endangered drinking water basin, December 2010

Geokomplex Ltd. - Miskolc KEOP-2.2.3./C-2008-0003.

Ács, Vének, Árpás, Mérges - geophysical measurements, November 2010

OVIBER Ltd. - Budapest

KEOP-2.2.3 / A-2008-0012. construction and design tasks for diagnostics of the vulnerable karst water basin of the city of Miskolc - geophysical measurements, October 2010

SMARAGD-GSH Environmental Services Ltd. - Budapest

Miskolc, Tapolca Park, geophysical measurements for hydrogeological purposes, September 2010

Geokomplex Ltd. - Miskolc

Miskolc, geological structure research, geophysical measurements for water exploration, April 2010

KARLWOOD Ltd. - Miskolc

Berente, geophysical measurements, April 2010

Geokomplex Ltd. - Miskolc

SOLT Island, geophysical survey on land and on the Danube, March 2010

SMARAGD-GSH Environmental Services Ltd. - Budapest

Hajdúböszörmény, Hajdúbusz water basis protection projects - geophysical measurements, February 2010

Geokomplex Ltd., Miskolc

Diagnostic study of water bases operating in the Kács-Sály vulnerable geological environment - geophysical measurements, December 2009

Smaragd-GSH Ltd. - Budapest

Bánhorváti, geophysical measurements for water exploration, September 2009

Heutschy and Kresák Business Consulting Ltd. - Kazincbarcika

Ároktő-Tiszadorogma, water basis survey - geophysical research, August 2009

Smaragd-GSH Ltd. - Budapest

Abaújszántó, geoelectric measurements for thermal water research, May 2009

Municipality of Abaújszántó

Bugyi, Pilis Park, geophysical studies, November 2008

Tiszavasvári,geophysical survey of landfill, September 2008

WESSLING Hungary Kft., Budapest

Budapest-Nagytétény, landfill’s geophysical investigation, July 2008

3E International Investment-Organizer Ltd., Budapest

Budapest, Endrődi Sándor street, karst cavity research, June 2008

Eger, Donát-tető, geoelectric measurements for water exploration, May 2008

Szarvaskő-Hegyeskő, geoelectric measurements for water exploration, May 2008

Esztergom, Wellness Hotel geophysical studies, May 2008

L2 Architectural Office and GeoExpert Ltd., Budapest

Environmental protection program for the Gödör-Tornai karst water base, November 2007


Geophysical study of the water base of the Hajdúnánási Waterworks, September 2007


Geoelectric measurements for water explorers for entrepreneurs in Tolcsva, June 2007

Geophysical and soil mechanics examination of the M3 motorway 149 km + 100 - 148 km + 900 sections, January 2007

State Motorway Management Co. , Budapest

Miskolc, Bosch-Strabag, surface geophysical measurements, December 2006

Geokomplex Ltd ., Miskolc

Geological-geophysical investigations in Tiszacsege, Wellness Hotel, May 2006

CELLA MEDIA Engineering Enterpreneur Ltd., Debrecen

Hajdóböszörmény, geophysical survey of the M35 motorway, November 2005

Bontás- és Kotrástechnika Kft., Debrecen

   Waterworks of Tiszadada. Diagnostical survey of endangered waterbases final report of the 1st schedule. 06-07. 2003.

TIVIZIG, Debrecen

   "Geophysics at the ends" Surveying the contamination of the waterbase of Tiszabezdéd near the village Győröcske, Conference nr. 10. about the groundwaters, extracts from the works of universities., 2003.

Foundation for Groundwater- VITUKI Ltd., Budapest

   Geoelectrical gravel searching nr. 1/5. of Nyékládháza, February of 2003.

Geokomplex Ltd., Miskolc

   Geoelectrical gravel searching near Igrici, November of 2002.

Mendikás Ltd., Miskolc

   Endangered geological waterbase of Eger-Almárvölgy. Geophysical survey at the hill Berva and its surroundings. 2001-2002.

Smaragd GSH Ltd., Budapest

   Geophysical survey of the waterbase of the North- and South waterworks of Gödöllő, 2001-2002.

Golder-Hungary Ltd., Budapest

   Assessment of the geophysical measurement of drillings named Szpkf- and Szpgf- done at the Bentonite exploring field of Sajóbábony, November of 2001.

Geokomplex Ltd., Miskolc

   Safety analysis of Püspökszilágyi RHFT. Summary environmental impact study and risk assessment. Well measurement, geophysical-petrophysical chapter (in co-operate with ELGI ). 2001.

Mélyépterv Ltd., Budapest

   Estimating the contamination at the urban landfill, and its foreground of Pásztó by geophysical method, 2000.

Kombauterv Ltd., Salgótarján

   Geophysical pre-examination of the public landfill of Kőbánya, Gergely street, April of 1998.

Geohidroterv Ltd., Budapest

   Geological surveying at the strip-mining field of the Pécsi Erőmű Ltd. , technical measurement of shallow drilling, 1996.

Golder Associates, Budapest

   Water supply draft for Óbuda Horticulture, 1995.

Óbuda Tsz., Budapest district nr. 3.

   Geophysical survey at the surroundings of the establishment nr. 3.11. of the motorway nr. M0, 1994.

Hídépítő Ltd., Budapest

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