About us

HÁROMKŐ Geophysical and Geological Prospecting Limited Joint Stock Company.

HÁROMKŐ has been established as a research and service company for geological-, hydrogeological engineering and environmental projects. It is a so called "small business" company, consequently time to time operates as a subcontractor.

Our reliability is based upon the longterm experience of our engineers and experts working in Hungary and in faraway countries, such as Mongolia, Lebanon, Cuba, Rwanda, Guatemala. Among our clients we can take international consultants, governement agencies, private companies and individual landowners into account.

The activity of HÁROMKŐ includes:

Groundwater exploration - first of all, because we think water the most valuable natural resource. This activity covers

   delineation and identification of aquifers in loose sedimentary and carstic regions

   moreover the knowledge of the regional variation of water quality.

Well location by surface geophysics

   to optimize drill site for water wells, especially in arid and geologically complicated regions. This way the costumer can minimize the risk of an unproductive well.

Environmental services Háromkő BT. uses geoelectrical mapping and induced polarization sounding to

   recognize buried waste sites

   identify and monitor groundwater pollution, that includes solving saline water intrusion problems.

Geotechnical investigations

   identifying water-insulator layers, calculate porosity and assume permeability for locating gasoline stations, CH-tanks

   delineate construcion materials, gravel quarries, clay deposits

   check integrity of road foundations.

Consultancy services

We offer a wide range of hydrogeoelogical and geophysical consultancy services, including data acquisition, interpretation of well logs, aquifer evaluation, project design, management and reporting.

HÁROMKŐ BT. keep up a friendly relationship with the Roland Eötvös Reophysical Istitute (ELGI), and enjoys the benefits of the scientific background that comes from the Geophysical Cathedra of Miskolc University.


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